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Brat Sister Gets Spanked and Load of CUM

| April 12, 2013

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The worst part of having divorced parents is when you’re Mom re-marries and hubby number 2 has a BRATTY DAUGHTER! This is exactly where young Rob finds himself! Worse still, his irritating new house guest doesn’t respect him or his property!

Today he finds his game DVD left out AGAIN! When he confronts the SEXY BRAT she more or less tells him to stuff it and calls him a FAG!! There’s only one thing for it..

All she does is GIGGLE as he drags her accross his knees and commences to administer a light SPANKING He TINY ROUND ASS soaks up the punishment and appears none the worse for wear. Worse yet, she’s still calling him a fag!

He’s left with no choice but to pull out his KNOB and FORCE HER TO SUCK IT!

She doesn’t seem all that enthusiastic but he continues to MOUTH FUCK her anyway! He gives a LITTLE ASS a few good SLAPS while she BLOWS HIM but she’s still not showing any respect!

Pulling out all the stops, he makes her KNEEL with her NAKED ASS STICKING OUT while he BLASTS HER with a volley of BALL CHOWDER right on her ASS!

This is the only way to deal with young people there days!!

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Mom Forced me to Suck Dad’s Dick

| April 7, 2013

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BRATTY YOUNG Dixie is your typical 18 YEAR OLD… on other words… a little BITCH! Her poor STEP DAD just gets ATTITUDE not not much else…

When MOM comes home from work, Dixie isn’t doing her homework (like she’s supposed to be), hasn’t cleaned her room (like she’s supposed to be) and is talking on the phone with her boyfriend (like she’s NOT supposed to be).. MOM’s NOT HAPPY!

How is she going to DISCIPLINE the girl? Obviously, forcing her to JERK OFF her STEP DAD should work, and will save MOM the trouble later… but surprisingly NO it just makes Dixie talk back even MORE to her mom, and even calls her a BITCH!

Perhaps if MOM SHOVES HER DAUGHTER’S MOUTH down on her STEP-DAD’S DONGER she might be less SASSY… but NO even that doesn’t cure her ATTITUDE.. there’s only one thing for it!

You see, MOM knows something that her young DAUGHTER doesn’t… STEP DAD’s A SPERM WHALE! Poor Dixie has no idea what’s happening when LASHINGS OF BALL GRAVY start SMASHING HER IN THE EYES and the poor thing immediately BURST INTO TEARS! All she can do is CRY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL as LUMPY LOG LOOGIE SHOOTS OUT OF DAD’S DIRTY SAUSAGE and sticks to her cheeks and mouth is SALTY BLOBS!

She’s obviously learned her lesson..

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Dad WORSHIPS Daughter’s Tiny Feet before CUM BLAST

| April 7, 2013

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Little Kelly is TINY! and just LOOK at those tiny little PINK TOES! How adorable!

She’s just giving them a little touch up when STEP DAD walks in and decides to have a closer look! Actually, he’s looking EXTREMELY CLOSELY isn’t he? I never knew that looking at your STEP DAUGHTER’s big tow meant SUCKING ON IT! She doesn’t seem to mind, though! In fact, judging by her hand down her TINY GIRLY PANTIES she seem to like it quite a LOT!

She sucks on step-DAD’s rather large MEMBER while he sucks on her TINY PINKIES! Then it’s time to put his PENIS between her TINY SOFT FEET and FUCK THEM for all they’re worth! They look like DOLL FEET rubbing up on his FULL SIZE FUCK MUSCLE!

After HAVING HIS WAY with her little BABY FEET it’s time to give her TOES a nice warm CUM BATH!

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Big Tit Blowjob Makes BIG LOAD of CUM

| April 7, 2013

Big tits blow job cumshot

Sweet Jesus, get a look at this girl! If you look in the dictionary under TITS AND ASS you’ll see a picture of Mandy! She tells her MOM (another T&A hottie) that she’s going to “do some home work” with her guy friend.. so mom retires to her room. What do you think SEXY TITS & ASS Mandy does next? Pull out her economics text book? I don’t think so…

Her friend is pretty hesitant to play along.. MOM is in the NEXT ROOM! However, once Mandy unleashes those BIG KNOCKERS and starts JERKING HIS BANJO there’s not much the guy can do!

Soon the BLOND BOMBSHELL is SUCKING OFF her young friend, and you can see he won’t last long…! That AMAZON BABE is JACKING HIS JUNK like a SHAKE WEIGHT! There’s no way he can take much more…!

Sure enough, moments later she’s PUMPING HIS LOAD all over those ANTI GRAVITY TITS No wonder he COMES LIKE A FIRE HYDRANT with those BIG ROUND BALOONS waiting to get CUMMED ON!

Keep watching for the SURPRISE ENDING…!

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Dad fucks daughters tiny feet til CUM BLAST

| April 5, 2013

daddy cums on her feet

FEET FUCKING FAN Vince is checking on his STEP DAUGHTER to make sure she’s doing her homework.. you know how TEEENS are.. you have to stay on TOP OF THEM!

She’s struggling with math, so kind STEP DAD Vince helps her while checking out her lovely PEDICURE that she got today! WOW her TINY FEET are so nicely LOTIONED with PERFECT LITTLE NAILS.. all SOFT and WRINKLY on the bottom..

As he explains how to do her math problem, he can’t resist PULLING OUT HIS POKER and giving it a little RUB with the girls EXQUISITE FEET! Actually, she seems to like it, as many YOUNG LADIES DO.. especially when they know it means they’re doing to get NEW CLOTHES at the mall!!

Soon she rolls over and starts FINGERING HER CUNT through her little BLUE PANTES and even exposes her ADORABLE BREASTS!

Imagine how her WARM ARCHES feel as he tenderly FUCK BETWEEN THEM all the while getting closer and closer to EXPLODING from the feel of her SOFT FEET on his SHAFT!

Moments later STEP DAD FOOT JERKS himself to a MESSY CUM BLAST all over the SEXY YOUNG girl’s BLUE PANTIES! Better made sure MOM doesn’t spot THAT in the wash…!

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Dad plays Doctor and CUMS in daughter’s mouth!

| April 4, 2013

dad fucks daughter

Poor YOUNG Yaz is sick on the couch! She doesn’t feel like going to school today either. Her EVIL step-FATHER is tired of her malingering ways though, and decides it’s time for the DOCTOR to visit!

He starts by taking her temperature, but what’s this? He’s ordering his beautiful HIGH SCHOOL DAUGHTER to OPEN HER MOUTH so he can take her temperature.. WITH HIS COCK!! He proceeds to SHOVE IT into her YOUNG MOUTH, you can see she doesn’t want it at first, but she’s willing to go through it for a day off school!

After getting FUCKED IN THE MOUTH for a while, she starts to enjoy it a bit more, and starts actively SUCKING her DAD’s COCK

She still doesn’t look totally happy as he TAKES HER IN THE MOUTH but what can she do? He orders her to STICK HER TONGUE OUT so he can FUCK THAT TOO!! Then he decides it’s time for her MEDICINE! She opens her mouth nice and wide, and DAD lovingly BUSTS a SALTY NUT right in her FACE! Several BLASTS shoot right across her TONGUE, while others get her on the LIPS and both CHEEKS!

That should teach the LAZY LITTLE TART not to skip school!!

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Daddy’s dick shoots lots of CUM!

| April 2, 2013

daddy fucks daughter

Poor little SEXY STEP-DAUGHTER Monica is covered in mosquito bites! The silly girl slept with her window open! She complains to her step-DAD who is only to happy to help!

He gets the calamine lotion out and starts dabbing it her bites. The only thing is, she has them on her back, and he can’t get to them with her shirt on… “Go ahead”, he says, “take your shirt off”. The TINY SEXY TEENY is a little unsure, but soon capitulates and PULLS OFF HER SHIRT revealing two of the most ADORABLE CUTE BREASTS ever!

DAD goes to work with the calamine lotion, but it seems that there’s no end to the number of bites that he finds. It’s a wonder the poor girl has any blood left! As PERVY DAD works his way around her TINY CUTE BODY it becomes necessary to REMOVE HER PANTS! You can hardly blame DIRTY STEP DAD though, just look how CUTE and SEXY his little STEP DAUGHTER looks with her clothes off!

By now you can see that DAD is having dirty thoughts, because he asks his LITTLE GIRL to help with a bite that he has… GUESS WHERE!! The POOR CONFUSED GIRL doesn’t know what to do except RUB LOTION on DAD’s MASSIVE MEMBER which gets considerably BIGGER once her little hand is rubbing on it! You can see where this is going…


She never knew what hit her!

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