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| August 9, 2013

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Mom Forces CUM BLAST into Daughter’s Pussy

| April 13, 2013

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We’ve seen some FUCK UP shet here at MONSTERS OF JIZZ but this might be the topper… insane MOM Margo actually shoves her fingers up the VAGINA of her sleeping DAUGHTER IN LAW to try and get the girl PREGNANT!! What the FUCK??

Son Brad and his new wife are visiting MOM.. she’s so pleased to have them visit, and can’t wait to ask SON Brad when she’s going to get a GRANDCHILD!! Her poor son has only been married for two months!

After MOM goes to bed, the young couple soon start FOOLING AROUND and before long his TINY SEXY YOUNG WIFE is SUCKING his rather large SALAMI! He suggests that they FUCK but since they don’t want to get KNOCKED UP she suggests that he CUM all over her AMAZING YOUNG ASS! Who could argue with that?

He BLASTS HER ASS AND BACK with a giant JIZZ LOAD and then goes off to get a drink and a sandwhich while the FRESHLY CUMMED GIRL dozes off to sleep.. but what’s this? MOM creeps into the room to check up on them, and seeing her YOUNG DAUGHTER IN LAW asleep with FRESH WARM CUM all over her, she decides to help them CONCEIVE! Taking a finger full of her SON’S FRESH SEMEN she SHOVES HER CUM-COVERED FINGERS right UP HER DAUGHTER IN-LAWS TIGHT PUSSY! She hopes the girl will get PREGNANT… it might work!!

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Brat Sister Gets Spanked and Load of CUM

| April 12, 2013

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The worst part of having divorced parents is when you’re Mom re-marries and hubby number 2 has a BRATTY DAUGHTER! This is exactly where young Rob finds himself! Worse still, his irritating new house guest doesn’t respect him or his property!

Today he finds his game DVD left out AGAIN! When he confronts the SEXY BRAT she more or less tells him to stuff it and calls him a FAG!! There’s only one thing for it..

All she does is GIGGLE as he drags her accross his knees and commences to administer a light SPANKING He TINY ROUND ASS soaks up the punishment and appears none the worse for wear. Worse yet, she’s still calling him a fag!

He’s left with no choice but to pull out his KNOB and FORCE HER TO SUCK IT!

She doesn’t seem all that enthusiastic but he continues to MOUTH FUCK her anyway! He gives a LITTLE ASS a few good SLAPS while she BLOWS HIM but she’s still not showing any respect!

Pulling out all the stops, he makes her KNEEL with her NAKED ASS STICKING OUT while he BLASTS HER with a volley of BALL CHOWDER right on her ASS!

This is the only way to deal with young people there days!!

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Mom Forced me to Suck Dad’s Dick

| April 7, 2013

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BRATTY YOUNG Dixie is your typical 18 YEAR OLD… on other words… a little BITCH! Her poor STEP DAD just gets ATTITUDE not not much else…

When MOM comes home from work, Dixie isn’t doing her homework (like she’s supposed to be), hasn’t cleaned her room (like she’s supposed to be) and is talking on the phone with her boyfriend (like she’s NOT supposed to be).. MOM’s NOT HAPPY!

How is she going to DISCIPLINE the girl? Obviously, forcing her to JERK OFF her STEP DAD should work, and will save MOM the trouble later… but surprisingly NO it just makes Dixie talk back even MORE to her mom, and even calls her a BITCH!

Perhaps if MOM SHOVES HER DAUGHTER’S MOUTH down on her STEP-DAD’S DONGER she might be less SASSY… but NO even that doesn’t cure her ATTITUDE.. there’s only one thing for it!

You see, MOM knows something that her young DAUGHTER doesn’t… STEP DAD’s A SPERM WHALE! Poor Dixie has no idea what’s happening when LASHINGS OF BALL GRAVY start SMASHING HER IN THE EYES and the poor thing immediately BURST INTO TEARS! All she can do is CRY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL as LUMPY LOG LOOGIE SHOOTS OUT OF DAD’S DIRTY SAUSAGE and sticks to her cheeks and mouth is SALTY BLOBS!

She’s obviously learned her lesson..

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Sister’s Foot Job make Brother CUM BLAST!

| April 6, 2013

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Happy smiling Young Zoe is sitting on the couch with her STEP BROTHER.. they seem to be fooling around rather a lot.. and what’s this? Jesus, she’s not wearing any PANTIES!!

She keeps putting her feet in the guy’s LAP and GIGGLING and fooling around, but then she notices that he seems to be PITCHING A TENT in his boxer shorts… What do you think she’ll do next…?

Her brother suggests that she should give him a DICK RUB with her PRETTY FEET and amazingly, she seems to like the idea! She keeps SMILING and GIGGLING while she PULLS HIS SHORTS DOWN and proceeds to TICKLE his COCK with her extremely WRIGGLY TOES!

You can see how

THRILLED she is to have a WARM PENIS between her feet, she just keeps SMILING while she GENTLY STROKES his impressive BONE POLE and WRIGGLES her little TOES all over it!

After pulling out her SOFT TEEEN TITS it’s obvious that her brother can’t take much more of her amazing TOE TREATMENT and sure enough, seconds later his BALLS EXPLODE with a FLYING CUM BLAST that SPLOOGES her, right on her little SHAVED PUSSY!

She’s such a happy cheerful girl, she just keeps SMILING the whole time!!

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Mother Daughter Duo SOAKED with CUM after strip poker

| April 6, 2013

mother daughter strip poker

HUGE TITTED young Shyla and her SEXY MOM foolishly decide to play their boyfriends at a nice game of POKER over at AUNTIE AMRGO’s house. Even with their notoriously PERVY AUNTIE in the game, surely nothing bad can happen. Oh dear.

As you can imagine, the MOTHER DAUGHTER team aren’t very good at POKER, before you know it they’ve got no chips left! But what’s this? PERVY AUNTIE is making them bet THEIR SHIRTS! Is it STRIP POKER? Actually, NO it’s not. AUNTIE MARGO has her own version: SUCK POKER!

Since MOM & DAUGHTER are losing, it’s time for them to SUCK! That’s why it’s called SUCK POKER! With her GIGANTIC KNOCKERS on display, YOUNG SHYLA has to start sucking her boyfriend’s BONER while her SEXY MOM gets busy BLOWING her own boyfriend!

PERVY AUNTIE MARGO still isn’t satisfied though! She orders MOM & DAUGHTER to SWITCH COCKS!! What the hell!? DAUGHTER SHYLA sucking off her MOM’s BOYFRIEND!


This is an extremely action-packed clip! A double MOM DAUGHTER Jizz Blasting!!

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Sister Forces Brother to Worship Her Feet Before CUM BLAST

| April 5, 2013

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Poor Archie needs a ride, but his MEAN SISTER knows that, since she’s the one with the car, she has all the POWER over him… and she intends to USE IT!

After shutting down his request for a ride, she orders him to LAY DOWN so that she can enjoy a nice TOE CLEANING courtesy of his TONGUE! What can he say, the poor guy needs a ride to visit his girl…

Next she has a go at STANDING ON her poor step BROTHER and even WALKS AROUND on him… good thing she’s TINY and must weigh all of 105 LBS!

Since she knows he wants a ride to visit his girlfriend, and she’s JEALOUS of his affection, she decides to FOOT FUCK him to he has nothing left for that other girl! Her SMOOTH LITTLE FEET are highly skilled as they MANIPULATE his MANHOOD and her TINY TOES keep WRIGGLING all over his SHAFT and COCK HEAD!

This is probably what causes him to NUT with an ORGASM that rates 5.0 on the Richter Scale! Look at those LITTLE TOES WRIGGLING on his COCK as he PUMPS HIS BALLS DRY!

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